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The Doddie’5 Big Yin, Doddie’5 Classic and Doddie’5 Challenge routes all start and finish at Melrose Rugby Football Club, with water stops and clear signage along the way.


Melrose RFC, The Greenyards, TD6 9SA

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Car parking will be available on the Annay Road which can be accessed via Newstead. Riders can then cycle to the start following a route clearly marked with a black arrow on a yellow background.

Alternatively, parking will be available at the Tweedbank Industrial estate or Tweedbank Station. Riders cycle to the start along the Waverley Road.

Map from Annay Road car park to start  Map from Tweedbank Industrial Estate to start

Rider numbers

All riders will be allocated a rider number which identifies you to the registration details held in Event Control. You will be given the emergency numbers during check in which you must put into your phone. You will receive your rider number to attach to your bike when you check in at the event. We also request that you carry a card detailing any medical issues that our medical team or the emergency services should be aware of.

Check in and start times

Doddie’5 Big Yin – Check in from 7.00am, start time from 7.30am
Doddie’5 Classic – Check in from 8.00am, start time from 8.30am
Doddie’5 Challenge – Check in from 9.30am, start time from 10.00am

Early check in will also be available from 12.00-16.00 on Saturday 16th July.

When you check in you will receive your rider number to be attached to your bike and will also receive any purchases that you have made when registering for the ride. When checking in, the rider sign on sheet will be organised in alphabetical order by surname. Please follow the signs directing you to your surname sheet. If you know someone who will be registering on the day please note that we will be accepting cash only. You will be asked to show your rider confirmation email as proof of entry.

Facilities at check-in

We plan for there to be teas and coffees available in the start area on Sunday morning on a pay as you go basis. It is your responsibility to ensure that your bike is roadworthy. There will also be a bag drop area for those riders wanting to leave a bag during the event. There are toilet facilities at the start area both at the Event Village and also in the Melrose RFC.

GPX and TCX files

GPX and TCX files will be available to download from this brochure which will be updated one week before the event. The support team will be marking the route on Saturday 16th July and adjustments to the route may be required. The Ride Director will advise of any changes to routes at the ride briefing immediately before you set off.

Rider safety and etiquette

Please remember that Doddie’5 Ride is a sportive/fun ride and as such is in no way competitive. Riders should ensure they obey the Highway Code at all times and ride in a safe and responsible manner at all times and be aware of other cyclists passing. You must wear a hard shell helmet and will not be permitted to ride without one.


There are toilet facilities at all feed/water stations. Please be sensitive to residents and other road users if you are caught short along the way and either bin or bring back any litter.

Riding with children

Please ensure that you have returned a parental consent form to us if you are riding with a child. Download parental consent form

Route signage

The route will be marked throughout with black arrows on yellow backgrounds, before, on and after all significant junctions. Caution signs are placed where cyclists should be extra vigilant. Particular points on the route, e.g. feed stations, will have signs with black writing on a yellow background. An example of each of these signs is below.

Signs on route:

Doddie'5 Ride signs on route

In the event of you becoming aware that signage has disappeared or been changed, we ask that you inform Event Control at the earliest opportunity using the telephone number on your ride number.

Rider support

We will have support vehicles out on the course but riders are expected to be self-sufficient. We recommend carrying two spare inner tubes, a pump and any necessary tools with you. You should also carry some cash, a form of ID, a mobile phone and your usual brand of energy products.

By signing our terms and conditions and entering the ride, all riders must have:

  • A road worthy bike
  • Personal identification
  • Emergency contact (name and phone number)
  • Helmet
  • Mobile phone
  • Money/bank card
  • Water bottle (full) x 2 if hot weather forecast
  • Puncture repair kit plus pump and tyre levers
  • Snacks and energy products
  • Sun cream
  • Waterproof jacket

Medical cover

There will be contracted first aid support in vehicles around the route and at the venue who, for minor/non-emergency issues, will be contactable via Event Control. A separate medical number exists and is printed on the rider number. Riders should always use their common sense and contact the emergency services where necessary but also inform the race organisers (using the Event Control number shown on the rider number) of any major incident.

Doddie'5 Ride water/feed station

Emergencies and communications

Details of what to do in case of an emergency will be covered in the brief at the ride start and are summarised on the rider map. Please be aware that areas on the routes may be out of mobile phone signal. Riders are asked to look out for each other and report any accidents or mechanical problems to Event Control, the support vehicles or the event team at the feed stations.

Emergency numbers:


You must download the app What3Words onto your phone. This will be used to locate you by the emergency services in case of an accident or emergency.


Doddie’5 Ride is a registered event with Scottish Cycling and, as such, is provided with cover under Scottish Cycling’s public liability insurance policy, limited to £20,000,000 for legal liabilities arising from claims made against an event organiser, official or participant that involves either bodily injury or property damage to a third party. We recommend all riders to have their own personal cover.

Broom wagon

A dedicated vehicle will follow all riders on the routes and pick up anyone who has had to withdraw from the event for whatever reason. The support team will endeavour to pick up any rider as quickly as possible. We will start to clear the course from mid-afternoon and would expect to have all riders home by 4.00pm. If the broom wagon finds you out on the course while clearing you will have the option of taking a lift or carrying on without route markers. If you abandon before the finish or anticipate arriving after 5.00pm please ensure you call Event Control to notify them.

Finish area

As you finish the event you will receive a finisher’s medal. You can then relax and enjoy the Event Village. There will be a bar and food available for purchase after your ride.


Remember this event is to raise funds for the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation. Please raise as much as you can for Doddie’s charity.

We look forward to seeing you in Melrose!

Melrose Site Plan

Doddie'5 Ride Melrose site plan

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